Take more potassium for stronger bones

You already know that the food that contains potassium is helping you in the bone strengthening process. Potassium is a mineral that has several functions in the body, such as good healthy teeth, healthy heart and healthy bones. If your body has low amount of potassium, then the PTH (parathyroid hormone) withdraws the potassium from the bones in order to provide enough potassium for the body. The Disease Control Center elaborates that the body is not able to produce its own potassium, so we need to take it via the food we consume.

Some of the biggest potassium sources are the dairies, the almonds, the sesame and the broccoli.

The daily needs for potassium for women and men between the age of 19 and 50 are 1000 mg a day. For the women over 50, 1,200 mg are recommended a day.