The sunny diet – Lose 4 kilograms in 8 days

General information:

The fast and efficient diets have become very popular recently, because of the opportunity to lose a few kilograms in a couple of weeks. The sunny diet is an efficient diet for losing weight, not trying too hard about it. It is also known as the yellow diet, because of the fact that only yellow, i.e. sunny foods should be consumed.

It should last for no more than eight days. If you practice it right, you can lose four kilograms. The basic rule, as already mentioned, is to use only natural product with yellow color. The victuals you may use in this diet are: agrums, yellow cheese, apricots, muck melons, bananas, pumpkins, yellow apples, pears and some other food with yellow color. You are supposed to consume 500 grams of “yellow food” a day. Apart from this, you need to fulfill one more condition: the daily meal should contain at least four different types of food in equal amount. You can drink water and yellow juices, but bear in mind that the juice is also included in the total amount of food you need to consume.

Some additional information on the sunny diet:

This diet, as every other, is more efficient if you combine it with exercising, because he physical activity not only helps in losing weight, but also in decreasing the body volume, which is the desired result for the overweight people. A half an hour of walking every day would be quite enough. Again, if you carefully follow the instructions, in eight days you can weight up to four kilograms less. Another important note on the sunny diet is that it can have some contraindications for pregnant women (well they shouldn’t practice a diet while pregnant anyway) and the people with chronic diseases (which are also said to be careful when it comes to any kind of diet for losing weight).