Do a Sugar-Detox for 3 Whole Days and Be Healthy and Slim!

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sugar-detox-whole-days-healthy-slimIf you often are prone to gaining weight the issue, for the most part, might be eating a lot of fats or carbs, but that is not the reason 100%. The greatest reason for adding kilograms might be also SUGAR.

When you eat sweet things moderately in normal portions it is okay and fine, we are all humans and like to treat ourselves once in a while. But those that eat it in excessive amounts are completely unaware that they create havoc in their bodies with that much sugar. The scary fact is that sugar is added to almost every food item we eat – regardless healthy or not! You can find it in healthy cereals, juices supposedly natural, sodas, salad dressings, yogurt and of course sweets and candies.

Sugar is also found in some foods like the honey, naturally made juices, mangoes, bananas, raisins and such, so these contain sugars but also healthy carbs.

If you have a sugar overload in the system you will notice strange things and it will be obvious you have it; hyperactivity then after that tiredness, yeast infections more often, headaches, bad mood, frequent colds and sinus problems, skin problems, fatigue, and sleepiness.

Another thing caused by too much sugar is the dangerous disease linked to it – diabetes. Even more, heart problems, cancer triggering (especially the breast type cancer).

What is the connection between sugar consuming and weight gaining?

If we eat too many unhealthy sweets, out body must use some kind of energy to digest that sugar, but the rest of the sugar unneeded is stored in fat tissue. No organism needs a lot of sweets to survive or have energy that is why sweets make us gain weight.

There is a great difference between added and natural sweeteners/sugars. The added sugar makes its way to the intestines so the body perceives it as some bacteria and it must level up the blood sugar! Eventually, this excess ends up as FAT tissue, mostly around the belly and waist, and also hips and upper thighs.

How to reject bad sugars?

It might sound unachievable or strict to give up sugar, but it is really not a big deal to reduce it or replace it with healthier options! Be warned, at first if you do it cold turkey, you will feel something like a sweet tooth crisis for sugar, after all, sweets are just as addictive as coffee or cigarettes or other such things. The symptoms of giving up or cleansing from sugar can be bad mood, low energy, and fatigue, cravings or nervous behavior, but it is passable in no time.

The craving for sweet things occurs right after the meal is fully digested in our stomach; so the body is confused for a short time that it is still hungry and immediately “calls” the brain to need more food, sweet one! That is why people are used to eating desserts after main courses.

Try to avoid this, it is not that hard. Or at least order small desserts, sweet things should not be the size of a normal savory meal! If you are addicted to several favorite candies or desserts, limit it to just a few…and after a while to just one maybe.

You must do this in order to be healthy, and alongside that be slim and good looking!

Below is a diet plan for 3 days to help you with this good goal:

Day 1

Breakfast: 1 cup oats mixed with berries + almonds and seeds OR 3 scrambled eggs (or boiled)

Morning snack: nuts, one bowl

Lunch: chicken breast with butternut squash, beets and carrots, turnips and parsnips, almonds and beans mix.

Dinner: fish broiled with green beans mix or a salmon piece with broccoli and mushrooms.

Day 2

Breakfast: steel oats one cup mixed with seeds and berries OR almonds + 3 scrambled eggs with spinach.

Snack: nuts, small bowl

Lunch: zucchini on a grill with yellow and red peppers plus one lemon, vinegar, and thyme as dressing, add to it shredded cabbage salad with carrots shredded too, pour olive oil, lemon, salt a bit, and some parsley.

Dinner: green veggies – steamed, with casserole from vegetables, some bean soup and stir-fried bok choy + Brussels sprouts and turnips roasted.

Day 3

Breakfast: steel oats one cup + seeds and berries or almonds with 3 scrambled eggs, plus shrimps and kale (sautéed), radish and walnuts mix.

Snack: small bowl of nuts

Lunch: chicken roasted quickly with rosemary spice and poured over with lemon, or chicken oven roasted with thyme, onion, olives.

Dinner: garlic broth with mushrooms, carrot, onion, thyme and celery + bay leaves and penne pasta (or brown rice) with mushrooms, tomato, basil and meat sauce.


Drinks for detoxing of sugar

Give up those sodas and too sweet drinks and give these a chance.

Detox water: chop grapefruit, blueberries, oranges and strawberries and add a dash of mint and rosemary. Pour it in a jar full of water. Sip it daily.

Tea: have any kind of tea daily as long as you drink it plain unsweetened completely – even better detox and slim at the same time with green tea at least twice or 3 times a day.

Coffee:  limit the coffee to only one cup per day, of course, NO sugar in it.


This diet-regime for detox is efficient if followed properly and with no cheating. Give it a try.



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