Sugar Can Be More Addictive Than Cocaine by 8 Times!

sugar-addictiveWhat exactly is sugar? And the things it causes depression, acne, cancer, diabetes, dementia, infertility and heart problems don’t sound so sweet and nice.

As to some studies, an average American ingests more than 150 lbs sugar a day. This average American weighs 195.5. pounds and a woman 167 pounds. During the 1960s and average American was 167 lbs and woman 141 lbs.

Big 10

The interesting fact is that more than 600 people tried the Mark Hyman M.D. diet and lost 4000 lbs in 10 days. You should all ask yourselves when did you last lose weight in 2 weeks? Was it hard to do? This regime has no cravings, no bland tasteless foods, no boring schedules or deprivations. It was mainly created by Dr. Hyman to go opposite sugary foods and reprogram the bodies to avoid these foods.

10-day diet for detox

These are the best 10 suggestions for sugar detox and bad carbs detox, in just 10 days:

Cold turkey- an alcoholic person can’t have just 1 drink, it is the same with sugar addicts. You just have to say stop at one point. Don’t eat all the sugars, flour products or sweeteners – all these slow down metabolic functions and increase cravings during storage of fat. Avoid all bad  foods boxed or processed or with suspicious labels. Opt for fresh bought food.

Calories not in drinks- the liquid forms of sugar are the worst, says Dr. Hyman. It is proven that a can of soda increases the chance of obesity in children by whole 60% and for a woman by whole 80%!

Protein powders- the proteins are good and healthy for the blood sugar levels to be good, plus they are energy with zero carbs. Start with breakfast from whole organic eggs and protein shake. Or also nuts, seeds, eggs, fish, chicken or grass-fed  meat with every meal. The protein keeps you fuller for a longer time since it needs more time to digest. The normal serving size is a fist size or 6 oz.

No limit for GOOD carbs- eat all the veggies but control yourself with the starch veggies like potatoes, squash and beets. Feel free to eat a lot of broccoli, kale, cauliflower, peppers, asparagus, mushrooms, green beans, tomatoes, zucchini, and artichokes for 10 days.

Use fat to fight sugar-  fat keeps you full and stores more fat inside. So you can fight sugar with eating healthy fats.

Precaution for emergencies- you might get distracted from vending machines or fast food chains, especially when tired and need an instant sugar boost, says Dr. Hyman. He also adds: you need an emergency life pack.  He owns one all the time and it is full of protein, healthy fats, and healthy snacks, so there is no room for a bad choice. In his pack, there is: coconut butter, almonds, salmon jerky, pumpkin seeds and turkey jerky, also maybe a can of sardines or a serving of unsweetened blueberries.

De-stress or distress? – the cortisol, or the stress hormone keeps you feeling hungry more often and nervous too, thus the belly fat stays intact! Also you get the risk of diabetes 2! Try deep beathing to activate the nerve VAGUS that boosts the metabolism from fat tissue to fat burned. This is the example exercise of Dr. Hyman: five slow and deep breaths, count to five. Five times. This happens before every meal!

Dousing inflammation- the most common food sensitivities are to dairy or gluten. Usually, they are not even noticed. People even can’t give up dairy or gluten if they like the taste so much.

Sleep- the students had most sleep deprivation with just 2-3 out of 8 recommended hours every day. This made them more nervous and thus hungrier, and their appetite suppressing hormones were decreased so they all reached for sugars and bad carbs if you lack sleep there is more need for instant energy, so you need a sugar crash boost. Lack of sleep is also lack of energy so make sure you sleep at least 6-7 hours.

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