Styling tips to look appealing at your workplace

It is quite important that you need to be well groomed, while you are on your way to work. But that simply doesn’t mean you look all jazzy and wild in your appearance. There is a certain level of professionalism which you need to display, so that your colleagues or your co-workers at the workplace take you seriously. However, you need not skip make-up all together. You just need to keep it subtle and simple.

Here are a few styling and beauty tips for women looking for professional look:

Apply your nail paints with basic colors

You can try experimenting with your all new chocolate brown or fascinating purple nail paints for the week-ends when you can let your hair loose and go partying. Stick to basic colors like beige, gray or cream when it comes to getting yourself ready for work.

Use a gentle moisturizer

The fluorescent lamps put up in the office can be quite unfriendly to your delicate skin, as such. Use a mild moisturizing cream, before you start applying makeup. And once you are back from work, make sure you remove your makeup either with a cleanser or with a makeup remover and then apply the moisturizing serum, all over again. This technique makes sure your skin looks hydrated and supple, all the time.

Be well prepared

You never know when a meeting with an overseas client may come up. It can also be an impromptu performance appraisal meet with your boss. You simply cannot afford to look sluggish or sleepy.

Just to make sure you look fresh all the time, while you are at work, make sure you carry a combing brush to smoothen out your hair, an extra tube of lip gloss or lip stick and a pair of mascara. You can get a quick touch up done anytime you wish to.

Skip nail art

When you are going to attend an interview to get placed in a new company, it is definitely recommended that, you keep your stylish nail art out of the bay. Hiring managers will look into your body language and your way of dressing, before they think of hiring you into their company.

And you need to create the right kind of impression. You need to be dressed very professionally while you are taking up an interview. You can resort to fun tattoos and funky nail art designs and glam up during the week-ends.

Glitter make-up- a strict no-no

Glitter shadows and eye liners are a strict no-no for the simple reason that you will not be creating the right vibes at work-place. Rather you will be distracting the entire crowd in office. Wear simple and classy make-up to reveal your high end persona.

You can resort glitter make up and use fantasy hair gels while you venture outdoors with your set of friends during the week-ends.

Don’t mess around with streaks and rave hair colors

You need to go to office from Monday to Friday and not to the club. Don’t experiment with rave hair colors like green, olive or orange. You can sport cool hair duos during the winter vacation, when you want to have a gala time partying with friends for Christmas and for the New Year bash. You can get a streak done as well as most of the offices in town remain shut for Christmas and New Year.

These styling tips help you remain your cool at the work place, but without looking flashy.