How to be strong and enduring while running

Ben strong and enduring as if running a marathon
No matter if we practice football, fitness, and mountain-hiking or biking, we all want to increase our performances. The running should be an obligatory of your workout. Running is contagious – first we are happy to run 2 kilometers, then we need 4, then 6… The more experienced ones are interested the time, sped and their endurance.

These 7 steps will help you achieve your goal, and if you follow them carefully, you will be able to run a marathon as well.
1. Step-by-step

The gradual adaptation is the key for increasing of your endurance. If you run 1 kilometer with a certain pace, then the next time try running that 1 kilometer in a faster pace, then do the same for 2 kilometers, first running them in a slower pace, then speed up the next time. Your endurance will gradually become better. Write the distance and the duration down, in order to get more stimulated.

2. Do the Yasso 800s program

Yasso 800s program consists of 800 meters of fast-paced running, then 400 meters of slow-paced running, and repeating of this process. You need to repeat it 4-5 times in the first 2 weeks, and you need to reach up to 10 repetitions until the fifth week.

3. Run in slow pace

The slow-paced running reduces the risk of injuries. You do a warm-up with a few laps, then start the real workout. If you run slower, you are able to run longer distances than running with a fast pace.

4. Every workout counts

If you run 3 days in a fast pace, then 4 days in a lighter pace, then use those 4 days to take a break and make the other 3 days count.

5. Plyometrics is obligatory

The plyometrics, or the workout based on jumps is a great way of progress in any of the sports. The benefitions of the plyometrics are the higher jumps and the fast-paced running, therefore increasing the endurance.

6. Run on long tracks

You need to start with 20 minutes with 70-80% of your speed, then add 5 more minutes in every week. Do that for 8 weeks and you will reach additional 40 minutes to your initial time. This workout is allowed only once a week, taking a day off (no running at all) the day before.

7. Run fast

We know this is a contrast to the rule no. 3, but for some people, this is exactly what they need. Here’s what to do: In the last quarter of your running track, increase your pace. This is good for achieving good results if you are running a marathon.