How To Store Your Garlic & Onions So They Last For Months!


Being constantly pressed for time, most people buy groceries in large quantities, although this often results in spoilage of the food. In other words, great deal of the food ends up in the trash instead of on the plate, which in turn affects the budget as well.

The good news is that there are a couple of useful tips on how to keep your produce fresh for an extended period of time. Check them out!

First and foremost, you need to look for things that indicate spoilage, such as green sprouts on the garlic or little mold on the onions. Even though these signs mean that it is the best period for planting them, you may not be interested in planting. If this is the case, keep reading to learn how to extend their shelf life.


  • firm and blemish-free garlic and onions
  • brown paper bags
  • paper clips (you’ll use these to keep the bags closed)
  • A hole punch


  • Punch the bags ( You can do this either randomly or all the way through the upper half of the bags)
  • Fold the bag several times (lengthwise or across) and punch in a row to make several rows of holes. It is recommended to leave about an inch between the holes, although it doesn’t really matter as they serve for ventilation only.
  • Fill half the bag with garlic/ onions, fold it, pin and label.

The bag will keep the produce fresh for an extended period of time thanks to the holes which let air flow around the produce. Don’t overfull the bag with garlic and onions and store them as you usually do.

Other things that have an impact on the efficiency of this trick include light conditions, humidity and temperature of the place where you store them.

Extra Tips:

  • Never keep garlic and onions in the fridge but in a dry and dark place instead, such as pantry or basement.  It is not recommended to refrigerate them as the cold temperature will soften them. Moreover, they tend to release their smell when softened which allows other food in the fridge to absorb it.
  • Do not use closed plastic bags because air-tight bags speed up sprouting, as result of lack of air. Choose open paper or plastic bag.
  • Never keep onions and garlic close to potatoes (not even in the same drawer) as they give off gases which accelerate decaying.