Stop Your Cough Instantly With This Coconut Oil And Honey Mixture

You really need to try this homemade and healthy remedy. The recipe comes from the author of Coconut Mama, and this remedy is recommended for all age groups.

These sweets are made from natural ingredients, and you can take them as a prevention because they are able to boost your immune system, and they can soothe the coughing.



100 gr raw honey

100 ml coconut oil

A pinch of Ceylon cinnamon as an option


Whip the coconut oil until frothy, then add raw honey and keep whiping until you have a homogenous mixture. At the end, add cinnamon to the mixture if you like it. Pour this mixture into ice trays, and put them for 20 minutes in the freezer. After that, transfer the sweets into a jar and keep it in the fridge.

You can use these sweets as a prevention, thanks to the honey and the coconut oil that will boost your immune system.