Stop the Bleeding with Cayenne Pepper in Just 10 Seconds


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This easy trick will stop the bleeding if you have cut yourself.

You will need just one ingredient: Cayenne Pepper!

The Cayenne Pepper can be applied to open bleeding wounds or you can take it orally to stop the bleeding.

Deep cuts, nosebleeds, even arterial gushing can stop within seconds. This powerful ingredient allows cuts to clot very quickly, so you can keep the blood where it belongs: inside the body.

All that you have to do is to sprinkle organic cayenne powder on scrapes, cuts and abrasions, in order to stop the bleeding. Don’t worry, it doesn’t burn. A poultice of Cayenne wrapped around your wound can ensure safe healing of the wound and will often no even leave a scar.

Also, you can stop the bleeding of the internal wounds by drinking a hot cup of water with one teaspoon cayenne pepper stirred into it. Whether the bleeding is external or internal, just one teaspoon of cayenne pepper taken orally in one glass with hot water will stop the bleeding in just 10 seconds.