Stop Placing Toilet Paper In Public Toilets! Read Why.

Many of us have phobias of public bathrooms and feel nauseous if anything is improper in restrooms. Maybe that is because some of us have seen awful such restrooms and have developed fear of bacteria and diseases. You never know what is behind that door. Broken doors, broken toilet seats, dirt on the tiles or toilet itself. But, when you need to go, there is not much choice.

Stop Placing Toilet Paper In Public Toilets! Read Why.

What do you do in such cases? Place a toilet cover? Or toilet paper pieces? Stop this now.

People think these places are germ springs and think this prevents it. But, bacteria is already there when we flush. Also on the walls, tiles, door knob, tissue dispenser and the toilet paper itself. Sadly, the tissue is like vacuum for bacteria. It seeps in the paper and sadly we use it on genitals or our face! So, you are also attacked by bacteria this way.\

To speak the truth, public restroom surfaces have tons bacteria in the hand dryers and sinks too. A study of the Journal of Applied Microbiology stated that not just flushing but electric dryers too have bacteria and germs.

These dryers are all about air and air flow. When you dry the hands, in the air bacteria and germs fly too. This goes in the air space and to you too. The air of the dryer is clean, but your hands are still not clean. Also, we all are restless and cannot wait the hands to dry nicely so, we walk with almost wet hands who still have germs. It is cheaper to use hand dryer, but a machine with paper for hands is a lot healthier.

What next and what now? Never put a barrier of toilet paper on the seat. Then, when flushing, close the toilet. Also, have your own sanitizer and tissues. This prevents more bacteria.