Stay in shape – swim during the summer

The swimming is a great way to keep the body weight and burn a few calories. This is a refreshing activity in the warm summer days which improves the health of heart and it is especially useful for the ones with ankles’ problems.

Swimming 4-5 times of the week is essential for keeping your body weight and physical condition. The cardio practice such as swimming burns calories, helps you lose the extra fatty tissue. A grown-up woman with the weight of about 80 kilograms can burn about 511 calories in an hour of swimming. At the very beginning, you can start with 2,5 hours of swimming a week, and gradually increase your speed and challenge your body to burn more calories. The aerobic exercises improve the health and the heart function. The swimming increases the number or heartbeats and includes big amount of muscle groups of your body. Therefore, the swimming is considered to be a good moderately intensive activity of the cardiovascular health.

The swimming is great for muscle strengthening. Moving into the water has its natural resistance, so it activates the muscles from the upper part of your body. The swimming has low rate of injures, so you can feel nice and safe practicing it.

Don’t wait any minute longer, jump in that pool!