The soup can help you lose weight

Only one bowl of low-calorie vegetable soup at the beginning of the meal, can help you lose the extra kilograms from your body. Only by the fact that after eating a bowl of soup, we feel satiated and therefore we eat less during the main course.

This regime of including the soup before the meal has been tested by the researchers of the State University of Pennsylvania. They have discovered that the people which included soup before their lunch, have reduced the calorie intake for 20%.

Yet, you should be careful with the creamy types of soups. The soup before the meal should be a low-calorie one and based on vegetables. The soups tested in the research were made of identical ingredients:

  • chicken meat
  • broccoli
  • potato
  • cauliflower
  • carrot

Put all these ingredients into blender and you will get a delicious soup.