FOR SMOKERS! These Food Items Can Cleanse You Of Nicotine!

Cigarettes are unhealthy and cause great damage. The nicotine causes hypertension and damages lungs of course. Even if you quit, the nicotine after effect lingers a few years.

After inhaling, after 10 seconds, the nicotine seeps the skin and mucus layer in the nose, mouth and lungs and through the blood flow goes to the brain.

Nicotine causes sensitivity to insulin and such resistance too and triggers metabolic syndrome, diabetes 2 and heart problems/

It impairs thyroid hormones and pituitary ones too. Also, sex hormones and the adrenal.

FOR SMOKERS! These Food Items Can Cleanse You Of Nicotine!

Such foods like below can cleanse you from nicotine/toxins:

  1. Water: the elixir of life. It flushes toxins through skin and since nicotine dehydrates you, you need water reserves again. Daily you need 8-12 cups water.
  2. Broccoli- this veggie has a lot vitamin B5 and C so it protects lungs.
  3. Spinach: tobacco tastes awful after spinach, but you also get folic acid and vitamins.
  4. Dried herbs- they reduce the nicotine and have vitamin E and A.
  5. Berries- they remove toxins
  6. Orange- again, a lot vitamin C, better metabolism and less stress
  7. Kiwi- it gives you back the vitamins E, C and A, and all smokers lack these.
  8. Carrots juice- carrots offer vitamins A, B, C and K and remove nicotine. After this, skin looks fresher and glowing.
  9. Pomegranate- this improves the blood overall and the blood count analyses.

If you want to quit, or you still smoke, with these foods you won’t lose only gain!