The Simplest Way To Remove Uric Crystals From The Body As Prevention To Gout And Joint Pains

The gout is a problem that appears when we have digestive problems due to the uric acid. That acid causes arthritis and distortion in the small bones of our feet. Other signs are swelling in feet, and pain.

The Simplest Way To Remove Uric Crystals From The Body As Prevention To Gout And Joint Pains

If we have irregular waste issues then the uric acid piles up in the joints of feet and gout starts to form.

The issue called hyperuricemia means the uric acid expanded to the blood and when is untreated gout is the next stage. But gout and hyperuricemia are not always hand in hand.

If our kidneys are not ready to face the uric acid the right way then some shapes may form in the feet and cause infections. But, you can try certain natural remedies and resolve this uric acid crystals problem.

How to deal with this uric acid problem?

First to eliminate the possible attacks, change the lifestyle for good. Eat organic; fish, met, veggies and grains. Avoid always sugars, saturated fats and alcohol.

Also, change the habits for water. Drink more water daily. That way you speed up the waste cleansing from the uric acid and stay hydrated.

These examples of natural cures can help with gout:

  1. Baking soda- make a mix of ½ tsp baking soda and water. Drink this all the time.
  2. Lemon juice- this juice prevents uric acid crystals. Fill a glass of water and put there some lemon, crushed and big chunk. Drink it before breakfast.
  3. Juice vinegar- this levels your alkalinity since it has malic acid. That acid kills the uric acid and removes it outside. Have a glass of water, 200 ml, and put there 1 tbsp raw ACV. Drink 2 times daily before meals.
  4. Curcuma- this spice is all natural and good for the health since it has turmeric. It shields the kidneys and is anti-infection in benefits.
  5. Pineapple- this fruit has bromelain and it acts as pain killer pill. It soothes infections and irritations.
  6. Flaxseed- these seeds make many health issues be resolved and level the uric acid to normal.