A simple daily routine for fat melting

The extra fats are a problem for all the sportsmen, as well as common people. There are many products on the market which offer weight loss and fat melting, but how certain are we that those products, in the shape of pills, powders and liquids?
We are offering you a simple system for fats melting, which can be combines with your every-day exercises. These ingredients are 100% natural and they are part of every fat melter on the market.

  • Coffee
  • Green tea
  • Chilly
  • Cinnamon

If you just blend all those ingredients into one drink, it would have really bad taste and you wouldn’t like it. Therefore, it is made as a sequence of consuming all of the ingredients during the day.

Let’s start with the coffee. We’re interested in the caffeine you consume. Drink coffee half an hour before exercising. If you prefer instant coffee, add two teaspoons of coffee, in order to obtain the body with the proper amount of caffeine. Consume it with water only, without adding milk or sugar, but it’s not a problem if you combine it with a protein shake. You can consume this first thing in the morning, but it is best to consume it half an hour before exercising, because the caffeine will give you strength for more effective exercising and more efficient fat burning.

The green tea should be consumed as an afternoon drink, as refreshment without consuming any calories. You can also drink it between lunch and dinner, it would have the effect of fat melting, and yet it won’t cause sleeping disorder.

The chilly is an ingredient that most of the fat melters have, because of its property of speeding up the metabolism. Use some olive oil on your chicken or fish and spice it with chilly. This will make your food more tasteful and speeds up your metabolism at the same time. The consumption of this spice with your meals, make the meals fat melting.

The cinnamon is not a fat melter, but it regulates the blood sugar level and the insulin levels, therefore helping your body to melt fats. It has great taste and it can be added to the protein shake, or in a combination with a fruit salad.

By that we completed the system of fat melting. Consumed on regular basis and combined with exercises, it will provide efficient results. It is all natural and without any additives.