A simple body purification for beauty and health

With the spring on its way it is recommendable for us to purify and refresh our body, I order to prepare it for the new season to come.

Why do specialists recommend a detoxification regime at a given time frame?

For a start, we need to face the fact that we breathe polluted air on daily basis, consume food with synthetic ingredients, some of which are prohibited of use! As a consequence of the amount of poison around us and the chemicals we consume, out body is full of toxins. The body needs occasional purification, so that the normal systems’ functions can be renewed. It is advised to make the purification once a month. You begin with only one day process, and it extends up to three days further more.

Start your day with a glass of water and lemon juice. Pick one fruit and one vegetable for the whole day that follows. For example, you can choose apple and carrots. You make freshly squeezed juice of them and drink it instead of breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Don’t forget to add water in the juice, in order to avoid the sudden increasing of the blood sugar. Drink a lot of water. The body has the need of at least eight glasses of water a day.