Signs which show that the diet you practice is not good for you

The Internet sites are full of diets which promise to lose 6-7 kilograms a week, but not every diet suits for each body.

The experts warn that sometimes diets can harm us more than do us well. Although there are various types of diets, they all have the same goal – to reduce the calories intake. But very often people that practice a diet regain their weight even faster than they have lost it.

To prevent the calories regain and not losing time on inadequate diet, we are offering you a few signs to determine whether a food régime suits you or not.

Hunger: One of the clearest sighs of inadequate diet is the hunger. If you feel it often, then that’s not the right diet for you. You won’t have to feel hunger with the right diet.

Bad mood: In general, the diet which practices the same food for five or more days – is not for you. This means you’re not providing your body with all the essential substances, vitamins and minerals. That affects your health and the normal function of your body. The deficit of nutritious elements can affect your mood as well. The deficit of vitamin B or magnesium can even cause depression. This attitude is not helpful for losing weight or doing any other activity in life.

Worse health condition: The inappropriate diet can harm your health. This is especially the case with the diet that lasts for too long. For example, the protein diet causes weight loss, but the great amount of proteins can exhaust the kidneys and the liver.

Looks: After one week from taking up with a diet of some type, you might notice you look worse. The skin can take a grayish tan, hair can become dull and lose its shine, and nails can become more breakable. These are the symptoms that your body needs proteins, vitamins and minerals urgently.

Unvaried, monotonous food: The worst types of diets are the ones based on only one food, such as yoghurt, rice or lentils. The body needs a certain amount of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins in order to function properly. If you eat the same food over and over again, the body would not receive all these nutritious elements and your psychic condition will not be great at all. The monotonous diet goes with a monotonous life.

List of the essential steps for choosing your diet properly:
  • The diet should not have unwanted counter effects.
  • It should be safe for the human body
  • The weight lost should be within the normal limits
  • The food should contain all the necessary nutritious elements (amino-acids, minerals, fats and acids)
  • You shouldn’t feel hunger after a few days of practicing a certain diet.

And of course, consult an expert before starting a diet if you want to avoid weight regain after you are done with the diet.