Shocking Discovery: More Than 75% of the Honey Sold in the Grocery Stores Has no Honey at All

Just because the sweet little bear-shaped bottles found at the grocery stores say “honey” on them, doesn’t have to mean that they really contain honey. One comprehensive investigation that was conducted by FSN or Food Safety News has discovered that the majority of so-called honey products that are sold at the grocery stores, drug stores, big box stores, and restaurants don’t contain pollen, so that means that they are not real honey.

Vaughn Bryant, who is one of the nation’s leading melissopalynologists or experts in finding pollen in honey, and also director of the Palynology Research Laboratory at Texas A&M University, for the investigation calculated more than 60 products that were marked as “honey” that had been bought by FSN from 10 states and the District of Columbia.

Bryant discovered that 76% of “honey samples bought from major grocery store chains like Safeway and Kroger, and 77% of samp0les bought from big box chains as Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club, don’t contain any pollen. Even worse were those “honey” samples taken from the drug stores like CVS and Walgreens, and some fast food restaurants like KFC and McDonald’s, 100% of which were discovered to contain not a trace of pollen.

So, what is all this honey made of? It is hard to say for sure, because the pollen is the key to confirming that the honey is real. Much of this imposter honey, according to FSN, is more likely being imported secretly from China, and might even be contaminated with some foreign materials and antibiotic drugs.

Most of the conventional honey products have been ultra-filtered illegally to hide the true nature

The lack of pollen is most of the conventional “honey” products is because of these products having been illegally ultra-filtered. That means that these products have been intensely heated, then forced through very tiny filters, and probably even watered down or adulterated in some way.

The United States FDA or Food and Drug Administration holds the statement that any so-called honey products, which have been ultra filtered, are actually not honey. But, the agency declines to do anything to stop this flow of illegitimate “honey” from flooding the markets in North America. Also, it keeps on to stonewall all the petitions to gain a national regulatory standard for checking the integrity of honey.

Ultra-filtering destroys and removes all of the medicinal properties of honey

Assuming that there any honey at all in the honey products tested by FSN, the pollen removal and the removal of any other delicate materials through the ultra-filtering renders them medicinally dead. The raw honey is a food that promotes health and it can help alleviate stomach problems, allergies, anemia, and some other health conditions. The ultra-filtered honey is nothing more than just a health-destroying processed sugar in the same vein like the high fructose corn syrup or white table sugar.

But, the good news here is that all of the honey products FSN tested from the farmers markets, “natural” stores like Whole foods and Trader Joe’s, and food cooperatives, were found to have pollen and many antioxidants and other nutrients. The local beekeepers are also an amazing source of getting unprocessed, raw and real honey.