Great Shampoo That Makes Hair Grow Faster, Shinier And With Volume!

shampoo-hair-grow-faster-shinier-volumeFor a woman, the hair is one of the essential signs of beauty or showing feminine care of the body. But most often the hair gets damaged or not enough nourished because of the treatments women undergo to make the hair prettier. Ironically! The hair coloring, blow drying, chemical treatments, ironing, curling etc. literally violate the hair and damage it instead of making it prettier the natural way. Apart from that, the stress and rigorous diets seriously also damage the follicle and quality of human hair.

To avoid damaging or losing hair, read below about a shampoo recipe to help you rejuvenate the hair.

To make it is really simple, but the results are 100% visible and great. You will see improvements after a few washings of the hair, it will be stronger and less prone to breaking or being dull, and also it will fall less and less. After a whole month, you will think your hair has been totally replaced with new better hair that has a lot of volume.

  • Nettle shampoo (750)
  • Panthenol (100 ml aqueous solution)
  • Nettle drops (30 ml)
  • AD drops, 30 ml aqueous solution
  • Castor oil 50 ml
  • 2 vial vitamin B


Take the 750 ml shampoo and pour in it the whole amount of panthenol 100 ml. add the nettle drops and the AD drops to it, and finally the castor oil.

How does this shampoo work for your hair?

Basically, this shampoo contains ingredients that are a bomb of vitamins and nutrients for the scalp and hair follicles.

*Nettle: this speeds up the blood circulation in the scalp skin so by analogy the epidermis has its metabolism sped up and improved. All this makes the shampoo get into the scalp faster and be more efficient.

*Panthenol: the acid of this ingredient is known also as B5 and the main role of it is to keep the scalp skin healthy and soothed in order to regenerate.

*Castor oil: this one is full of vitamin E and the ricinoleic acid. Vitamin E is known to keep hair, nails, and skin healthy and strong. It is an antioxidant that blocks free radicals that damage the root of hair and scalp skin. Because of these regeneration traits and antifungal properties, it destroys any bad bacteria that are the reason for dandruff. Soothes any inflammation process and washes out dead cells.

*Vitamin B complex: simply put: feeds the hair with nutrients and makes it strong.

Effects of this shampoo based on experiences:

It was used for more than 3 months and no negative comments have been noted so far. The hair stopped falling off, became shinier and softer. It started growing radically fast, much more than before, and the new hairs were really soft and undamaged. Before you use and apply this shampoo, shake nicely since it is a mixture made at home. Pour a bit into your hand and gently apply to the scalp on wet hair. Leave it massaging for a few minutes and gently rinse off with warm water, not too hot. If you want to, (recommendable), apply hair mask at the end before you make the finishing rinse off. But, if your hair is really dry and lifeless, in the shampoo put half a bottle of nettle drops, since the nettle can act as a drying component if overused! If your hair falls off a lot, more than normally, you can even drink nettle tea regularly so that you get healthy on the inside too – this way the hormones will be more balanced and the blood analyses will be improved which of course will lead to a healthy physical outlook. Why is this mentioned? Because lack of iron in the blood, causes hair fall.

This shampoo can be purchased anywhere, it is cheap for its amount and the rest of the ingredients can be bought also almost anywhere – over the counter, markets or pharmacies.