Sex abstinence affects your health

Not having sex on a regular basis does not only mean a dry period in terms of love life but it also might cause some problems with the health. There have been tons of studies for the benefits of sex for both physical and psychological health, and they all tend to point to the possible consequences.


If sex makes us happy, it is quite logical that the lack of it could lead us to depression. Researchers from the University in Florida have proved that people, who don’t have regular sex, fall into depression mood more often, and the more this happens, the more chances they have to fall into serious depression.
The celibacy is definitely not the best friend of your psychological and emotional health.

Heart attack

Many studies in the last 10 years have shown that regular and quality sex is connected to healthy heart.
Each physical activity is good for the heart but the benefits from sex are better since the sex provokes the secretion of hormones that stimulate our health.

Unhealthy dreams

Not having sex regularly is not necessarily the reason for the unhealthy dreams, but it has been scientifically proved that regular sex does improve the quality of sleeping. Hormones that are secreted during and after sex have a relaxing impact on the organism, so people fall asleep easier.

Lack of self-confidence

Despite the physical satisfaction, psychologists say that we love sex because after it we all feel better and safer. It cannot be said why exactly sex boosts self-confidence, but it is supposed that it is because of the intimacy of the sexual act.

Bad concentration and weak results at work

People who have regular sex are better at work, according to a study done by scientists from The Netherlands. It is because of the hormones secreted during sex that affect the brain and health generally, so we are easily concentrated thus we work in a more quality way. People who don’t have sex regularly, have a lower level of concentration.