The seven deadly fashion sins

You might have heard of rules in fashion, such as: You shouldn’t combine dark blue with black fabric. Here we have examples how the very same combinations can be look very elegant and stylish.

Every style that makes you feel good in your skin is worth to be worn, no matter of the general fashion rule.

Of course there are rules which apply for most of the women. But there are certain ladies that don’t fit into this so-called “good taste in clothes” and have a completely different vision in fashion.

These seven rules are believed to be the seven deadly sins I fashion, and you can judge if they’re true or not.

  1. Don’t combine tight jeans with high heels.
  2. Don’t wear one brand of clothes from head to toes.
  3. Don’t wear the wrong size of clothes.
  4. Watch out for stains and hair on clothes.
  5. Don’t wear cultural symbols as a proof of your style.
  6. Don’t wear shoes you cannot walk into.
  7. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not.