Seven daily habits that destroy the quality of the hair

The hair is one of the noticeable parts of the female beauty, so you should definitely be aware of the seven daily habits that destroy your hair’s quality.

1. You are aware that you have thin hair, but you still wear your hair in a pony-tail. The pony-tail is the most practical solution, but it can destroy the hair if practiced very often. The really tight pony tail damages the frontal line of the place it begins from, and it can cause long-term consequences. It is time for a change, lose the pony-tail.
2. You play with the damaged edges of the hair- a lot of girls tear the edges of the damaged hair, making a huge mistake. By that, you unnecessarily tear the hair which is bad for the hair follicle which grows, and destroys the quality of the hair. You can simply cut the damaged edge with scissors.
3. Drying the hair off with rough towel- the hair loses its shine, becomes soft and easily breakable. When you are in the most hurry, do things slowly. Even the smallest mistakes are fatal when it comes to hair.
4. Washing your hair every day – if you think that by this you will have shinier and clean hair, you’re mistaken. Your hair will be greasy, and you won’t be able to get it back into normal in years. Forget about this habit.
5. The use of incompatible shampoos and change shampoos very often-just because your friends recommended you some new brand shampoo, it doesn’t mean it will do good for you. Remember that the dry and damaged hair shampoos are too aggressive for the normal and greasy hair. And the other way round, the shampoos for greasy hair, make the normal hair too dry.
6. Drying your hair off with a fan while it’s still wet. –This means the process of drying off will take longer and it result in over-dried and damaged hair. Forget about this habit, no matter how little time you have.
7. Combing your hair on the tangled part-this way you can tear the hair and damage the hair quality. Be patient with the entangled parts of the hair.