7 Benefits of the lemon juice drink

Do something good for your body every morning and your body will be thankful and return the favor by losing some extra kilograms you are bothered by. This drink is a fast, simple and healthy ritual and all you need is a glass of warm water and one freshly squeezed lemon juice. If this drink is too sour for you, you can start with half a lemon, and then gradually increase the amount of lemon juice.

Why is lemon juice drink good for you?

It boosts your immune system

This is a drink full of vitamin C, which, other than improving the immune system, also helps the body to absorb the iron from the vegetative products. You have to be careful not to use hot water, since it loses all the beneficial effects of the vitamin C.

Improves the metabolism

The lemon juice has similar structure to the juices in the stomach and therefore has positive effect on the gastroenterological apparatus. Besides that, the lemon juice is good against acids in the stomach and the swelling.

Helps the skin regeneration

It is great against ageing. The antioxidants that lemon has fight against the free radicals that cause the ageing. The vitamin C also helps in the collagen built-up and keeps the wrinkles under control.

Appetite loss

The lemon contains pectin which kills the hunger feeling, so you will probably consume less mount of food on your next meal.

Balances the PH value

This drink contains a lemon acid; it doesn’t create acids in the stomach and reduces the acid level in the body.

Breath freshener

This drink kills all the bad bacteria and disinfects the mouth cavity.

Helps the wounds healing process

This drink contains vitamin P that works beneficial against blood vessels and bleeding. It is good for the bones as well, tissues, soothes the inflammatory processes, and above all, reduces the stress and depression.