All the secrets of honey

Honey – food which can extend your life

The legend says that the honey is food for Gods. It is hard to imagine the life without honey today. It is food that can extend your living century.

A few pieces of information about the honey:
  1. It is a naturally sweet liquid made out of the flowers nectar, who is gathered by the bees.
  2. The color, the taste and the sweetness of the honey depends on the type of flower.
  3. It contains over 90 valuable ingredients, among which the most important ones are the ethereal oils, herbal colors and acids.
  4. It is a healthy alternative of natural sugar.
  5. A well preserved honey has no expiration date.
  6. The crystallization is a normal process that doesn’t influence its quality. Put the jar into hot water and you will get the liquid honey all over again.
  7. The honey loses its medical properties on a temperature higher than 41 degrees. Therefore, be careful when you add honey in your tea, it shouldn’t be too warm.
Nutritious qualities of the honey
  1. Honey is considered to be on the verge between food and medicine.
  2. The main ingredients of honey are the sugars, such as fructose, glucose and sucrose.
  3. The honey quickly absorbs in the body.
  4. It contains enzymes, amino-acids, ethereal oils, vitamins and minerals (vitamin B1, B2, B5, B6, C, D, K; and the minerals: sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphor, magnesium, iron, zinc, iodine, copper, chromium) and much more ingredients.


Medical properties of honey
  1. Above all, the honey is a source of energy since it’s easily digestive; therefore it is recommendable for sportsmen, it increases the stamina, and decreases the exhaustion of the muscles.
  2. The honey is a great antioxidant. The women that consume honey during their pregnancy are having stronger and more vital children. For the children it is recommendable to consume honey after their second year.
  3. It alleviates the symptoms of flu and a cold, the respiratory system diseases, such as sinuses and throat inflammations.
  4. It was antiseptic effect on wounds, eases the pain and draws the poison from the stinging insects.
  5. You should immediately apply some honey on a burn. You will prevent the blister creation and the appearance of scars.
  6. Honey compresses are helpful for troubles with skin, such as chap and rash.
  7. Honey helps against gastritis and ulcers.
  8.  Honey increases the iron level and lowers the fats in blood
  9. It purifies the body
  10. It is known after its beneficial effect in eye-sores and pinkeye.
Different types of honey have different properties
  1. Forest honey is useful for children, for better growth and development. It is also recommendable for anemic and weak people, pregnant women, wet nurses, old and weak people, physical and intellectual workers, sportsmen etc.
  2. Meadow honey is recommended for allergies and for strengthening of the immune system. It is also recommended for cardiovascular and heart diseases, as well as neurological diseases.
  3. Honeycomb and linden honey alleviate the difficulties with the respiratory system during cold, but linden honey is not recommendable for the people suffering from heart diseases.
  4. Dark chestnut honey speeds up the blood flow, regulates the metabolism, intestines, the liver and the gall-bladder, it is not recommendable for anemic people, helps against tiredness, strengthens the muscles and the immune system.
  5. Locust honey is beneficial with the blood vessels problems, has a soothing effect, and helps against insomnia, nervousness and tenseness.
  6. Pine honey is helpful for expectorations of the people with bronchitis and asthma.