The secret for fit line: 300 calories less

At the beginning of the year the European obesity congress was held, where scientists decided that it takes for one to cut on 300 calories a day in long-term, in order to lose the extra weight.

Most of the people that want to reach a certain weight and are following diets, after they stop the food restriction, gain all that weight back. The professor Michael Rezenbam claims that all that is needed is to consume 22% of the calories less on daily basis.

The normal intake of calories daily is 1600 kcal, so the ones trying to lose weight should limit their calories to 1300.

This phenomenon can be presented by an muscle example. The muscles of people that follow a diet regime need smaller intake of calories than the people that are on their normal diet, explains Linija Petel-the spokes person of the British Diabetics Association.

We become weaker in time. The muscles help the body burn more calories, and the muscle mass is decreasing its function as the years go by, which means that the body needs less calories intake in order to keep our weight balanced.

In the end, the extra calories can be burnt with exercising. The weights’ exercises are considered to be the best for gaining a muscle mass.