Scientists: The Ramen Noodles Can Cause Heart Disease, Metabolic Syndrome and Stroke

As for the men, Shin together with his colleagues believed that the biological differences between men and women, like the effects of the metabolism and sex hormones, may account for the lack of a possible connection between males between consuming instant noodles and the metabolic syndrome.

This study was provided in South Korea, a place that is known to have the largest consumption of instant noodles in the world, where citizens consumed 3.4 billion packages in 2010.

Also, the discovery could apply to the people in North America, according to Lisa Young, who is a professor and nutritionist at the New York University. She was not involved in the study, but she said that they in the United States don’t eat it as much, but the noodles are being sold, so this could apply to every place where they are sold, and they are sold in almost every country.

What is so bad about the noodles?

The noodles are high in salt, fat, high in calories and they are also processed – all these factors can contribute to some problems with the health, according to Young. But that doesn’t have to mean that every person is going to respond the same way like the others, but we should keep in mind that the noodles is not a healthy product, it is a processed food.

The Korea Food and Drug Administration or KFDA, in June 2012, found Benzopyrene in 6 brands of instant noodles made by Nong Shim Company Ltd. The Benzopyrene is a cancer causing substance. Although the Korea Food and Drug Administration said that the amounts were minimal and not harmful, Shim did identify specific batches of noodles with an issue, prompting a recall by October 2012.

Also, the noodles contain Tertiary-butyl hydroquinone or TBHQ that can have a lasting effect on the health like contributing to the development of tumors and cancers, and weakening the organs in the body.

Generally, the processed foods have high amounts of salt and sugar, mostly because they are made to have long shelf lives.

According to Young, a little bit of preparation can help people to avoid the processed instant noodles. She said that you can easily make homemade pasta, noodles, veggies and ground rice pasta at your home.