Save The Life of a Stroke Patient Using Just a Needle

You can save the life of a patient from stroke using a needle. This advice is from a Chinese professor, who says that you should keep a needle or syringe in your house.

This is an amazing and unconventional way to save a person from a stroke. Please, share this with your family and friends because you can save someone’s life. Please, read this article because maybe you will need this one day.

When the stroke strikes, the capillaries in your brain will constantly burst. When the stroke happens, you should stay calm.

Don’t move the victim, no matter where she/he is. If you move the person, the capillaries will burst. The person needs a rest and first aid. If you have a syringe in your home, thist will be the best choice, but a straight pin or a sewing needle will do.

  1. First, you should place the needle over a fire in order to sterilize it, and then you should use it to prick the tip of all fingers.
  2. For this there are no particular acupuncture points, you should prick just about a few mm from the fingernail.
  3. Prick the fingers till the blood comes out.
  4. If the blood doesn’t begin to drip, squeeze it with your fingers.
  5. When all of the 10 fingers are bleeding, wait for a few minutes, then the patient will regain consciousness.
  6. If the mouth of the patient is crooked, pull on the ears until his ears turn red.
  7. Prick each one ear lobe 2 times until two blood drops comes from the earlobes. The patient has to regain consciousness after a few minutes.

Wait until the patient regain a normal state without any symptoms of stroke and then take the person to the hospital, because if the patient was taken in the ambulance to the hospital in a hurry, the bumpy trip can cause the capillaries to burst.

This is a traditional Chinese method that could save a life.

Please share this with your friends and family, you can save a life!