Running and fast walking: the best exercise for burning calories

Exercising makes you feel refreshed and active. You don’t necessarily need a fitness instructor or special exercisers. It is enough for you to decide whether you would like to run or walk.

Spring is the perfect time of the year for running or fast-walking. These activities make you lose weight, strengthen the muscles and breathe some fresh air at the same time.

The cardiovascular exercises are considered as best in losing weight and keeping fit. They are easily performed, don’t require any additional equipment and are efficient in burning calories. Fast walking, swimming and running are one of the best cardiovascular exercises.

There is a debate developed whether the fast walking is better and more efficient than running. The experts haven’t revealed the right answers yet, because it mainly depends on the individual.

Whatever you choose, you need to know that it has its advantages and disadvantages. You have to take your goal, age and body weight in consideration, because every exercise is not suitable for everybody and the same result can’t be achieved.

Keep in mind that you should start slowly and gradually increase the time and the intensity. If you have some medical condition, you should consult with your doctor before you start exercising.


A lot of people think that running burns more calories, which is true. But it is not that simple, the speed plays a big role.

If you are running slowly, and you are walking fast, you will burn more calories with the fast walking. In addition, if you are able to walk longer and run shorter tracks, it is also possible that you will burn more calories with walking. The experts advise a combination of running and walking for best results.

If we want to compare running and walking, those two activities should be done with the same speed and distance. With all the same factors included, running would give better results.

The efficiency of fast walking can be increased with weights on your legs and arms. You can also try moving faster and longer, burning more calories that way.

As far as health and blood system are concerned, both kinds of exercises are equally efficient and increase the hearth activity, breathing and induce sweating.


The risk of injuries is smaller while walking than while running. It is safer for all ages, gender or body weights.

The fast walking, in general, is considered as one of the safest type of exercise.  The running, on the other hand, increases the risk of injuries, knees injuries especially.

The factors such as body weight and age have to be taken into consideration in any case, especially with running.

The running is a more intensive exercise, and is not recommendable to people which suffer from some medical conditions such as back pains or knee pains.

The risk of injuries while running can lower if you have quality running shoes and good running surface. It can be running track, grass or a concrete.