She Rubs Turmeric On The Cheeks And When She Removes It Something Amazing Happened

Dark under-eyes, acne, spots and eczema, also facial hair and wrinkles are a few face problems we see. If you have such problems, try this article mask. Lightens the skin up and also clears the pores to cure acne or eczema among inflammation reducing as well. Also it brightens the dark area under eyes and reduces facial hair! It is anti-aging so it reduces wrinkles and leaves the skin soft. This mask is a wonder and is cheap and simple. The main thing is turmeric.

The turmeric is colorful and orangy in flavor and is like a powder shape. Most of this is grown in India; there the turmeric plants and roots are gathered, bubbled and dried in ovens. When dry, they are powdered into a concentrate that leaves a stain on everything it touches! That is why turmeric is also agent for coloring, but mostly people know it for food.

Wear old clothes or stained ones for this facial mask. Also you need gloves, otherwise the hands’ skin will become yellow and nails too, something like mustard hue. Then get a bowl, tsp, tbsp. flour, almond oil, turmeric and milk. Get 2 tbsp flour and 1 tsp turmeric and put in the bowl. To that add 1 tsp almond oil and same amount milk and mix until creamy, not thick and not runny. For example, one person started with3 tbsp and added more or less. When you mix all 4 things, apply to the face.

Be really cautious around the eye area and eyebrows because this mask also removes fine hairs and could damage the eyebrows. Also, keep in mind that the hairline is at danger too. Apply it under the eyes but not close to the eyelashes! Leave it on for 20 minutes and wash with lukewarm water. Use a towel. Be careful not to stain something with the turmeric. When you wash it off, the skin might be tinted yellowish. Wash the face again with a soft cleanser and put lotion.

This mask can be used once weekly. It is all natural and really cheap, only a few bucks. See through your spice cabinets and prepare this amazing mask!

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