Reset The Thyroid And Make It Burn Fat And Speed Up Metabolism

The MD, Erika Swartz, had to make analyses to a man with serious problems in health. More exactly she looked at his previous therapies and meds and she asked to talk with his cardiologist to immediately change that therapy.

The patient was almost obese, had low thyroid levels and testosterone too and he had sleeping problems too, in addition to advanced eczema. After 21 days she contacted his cardiologist but he refused to cooperate and told her she didn’t know enough science. She explained they have the same degree but it was worthless.

Reset The Thyroid And Make It Burn Fat And Speed Up Metabolism

After this talk she herself changed the therapy to something else. She even improved the thyroid hormones and removed the cholesterol meds.

The 2 thyroid hormones T3 and T4 are products of the thyroid gland. They go through the blood stream and give energy, speed up metabolism and improve the whole health.

A common disease is hypothyroidism where the thyroid gland doesn’t make enough healthy amounts of hormones. This can happen due to internal/external factors and signs include: dry skin, hair loss, brittle nails, fatigue, unbalanced temperature, weight gain, poor reflexes, coldness, mood changes, foggy brain.

All these signs can signal other diseases and many doctors exclude the thyroid as possible causer.

An expert and author, Mary Shomon said high cholesterol people have depression and take meds but didn’t check their thyroid.

To test these hormones there must be an appropriate test and only TSH can test the pituitary blood hormones.

Dr. Schwartz said we all have problems since we treat the separate symptoms nd never check the whole body.

The thyroid hormone levels must be tested separately since is crucial to know if T4 changed to T3 or if T3 entered cells and altered body functions.

As Dr. Schwartz advised, you must change all things- supplements, diet, workouts and hormones. With this method the body is considered 1 whole.

We mentioned external and internal factors and we live in highly toxic environments so our lifestyles are far from healthy, MD Greg Emerson says.

The main toxins are mycotoxins & mold caused by some fungi. We eat sugary foods and mold easily grows inside.

The hyperthyroidism is also called overactive thyroid and basically this is the gland making too much hormones and this can mean losing weight or irregular heartbeat.

Nonetheless, the balance in hormones can be reset by some important changes in habits like: less stress, workouts, healthy raw foods diet and have a healthy relationship.

Schwarz even adds you have to monitor your body and its signs. Natural healing is possible with good sleep, healthy sun exposing, healthy food.

Joseph Mercola even says our mindset is mostly to “blame”, so for proper healing we need many aspects of work.