Remove The White Hair With Just 1 Ingredient

These days many hair colors are available in markets and shops and they somewhat cover the white hair. They are good but they are short term solutions. And of course they damage the hair with their chemicals.

Remove The White Hair With Just 1 Ingredient

 Put chemicals aside and try some natural methods. Read more below:

This cure is DIY and easy to make. Just follow the rules of preparing.

Get 5 potatoes and peel them. Then put them in pot full of water to boil and then simmer for a few minutes. Turn off the heat for this pot and leave it aside. When cool strain it and place this water in another pot. Add lavender or rosemary to it to make the scent good.


Wash the hair and massage the hair and scalp too with this mix. The white hairs can disappear slowly. Repeat it as long as you need to.