Remove Warts, Spots, Skin Tags And Blackheads With Natural Cures!

The blemishes and warts are a common issue with many people. They appear not pleasant aesthetically but you can remove them with natural methods easily.

Remove Warts, Spots, Skin Tags And Blackheads With Natural Cures!

Skin tags

Clothing friction can cause skin tags and you just need to dip cotton in AC vinegar and apply on the skin. For fast and good results, do this several times a day and they will fall off. Also, tree poil can replace the ACV but with this you have to wait 10 days for results.


The HPV or human papilloma virus is the causer of warts. Such warts are easy to remove, but there are many kinds of this virus warts. Just put ACV on them and put bandage to secure. Replace the bandage twice daily. Also, duct tape can be used for this. Put this on the skin and after 6 days when duct tape is removed, soak this area in water and rub with pumice stone.


To remove a mole, put crushed garlic on the mole for 4 hours to sit. ACV is also an option but not as effective.


To keep pores clean you must remove blackheads that clog them. First, open pores up by steaming and washing the face. Then apply ACV 100% natural kind and then moisturizer (lotion or coconut oil)

Age spots

Too much sun tanning is the main reason. You can use lemon for bleaching to remove the dark spot areas and to lighten the skin there. Just juice a lemon and apply on the skin.