Remove Naturally the Bunions on Your Feet Forever With This Powerful Cure

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Bunions are actually salt deposits.

Their formation is started by tonsillitis, influenza, poor metabolism, gout, rheumatic infection, improper nutrition and wearing uncomfortable shoes.


They can be a real nightmare because they are irritating, it is very hard to find comfortable footwear, and give some unattractive appearance of the foot.


Recipe 1:

  • Pour 300 ml of water over one tablespoon of crushed bay leaf in the evening and cook it for 5 minutes. Keep the mixture overnight in a thermos.
  • In the morning strain it and take small sips during the day. Don’t drink the liquid all at once!
  • You should repeat these for 3 days in a row and to prepare a fresh drink every time. After 7 days, repeat the treatment.
  • Don’t be surprised if you urinate frequently. That means that the salt in your body has started to diffuse and also to irritate the bladder.
  • After 10 days you should notice a result. The joint pain will disappear and you will feel relieved.
  • Take 5 large bay leaves, rush them and pour over 100 ml of 96 % alcohol. Let it for one week and then strain.
  • First soak your feet in 3 liter warm water and one tablespoon of baking soda, and then apply the remedy on the bunions.
  • Pat the feet dry, apply the mixture and put on some cotton socks. The combination of aspirin and iodine works really great in the treatment of these bunions, any other growths or joint pain.

Recipe 2:

  • Some regular soaps can relieve the inflammation and pain caused by bunions.
  • Shred some soap and apply it on the spot gently massaging it. Then rinse, pat dry and apply iodine in a net-like drawing.
  • Also, you can soak a cotton bud in iodine and to draw a net over the bunions. Cross over some vertical and horizontal lines, a cm apart from each other. The iodine absorbs very well when it is applied in this way. Let it dry and then put on the socks. Repeat this treatment for 30 days.
  • You can treat your bunions using iodine and lemon juice in equal parts, and this treatment is also good in the treatment of “heel spur”.


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