You Need Just 1 Ingredient to Remove Face Pores in Your Own Home

poresPeople with greasy and oily skin are prone to big pores in their faces since pores are visible and not pleasant if they are too big, they cannot be concealed with cosmetics even makeup. Usually, the products that help are the ones that have a lot of chemicals too, but there are also good natural things that resolve this.

Water + baking soda- take 2 tbsp soda and 2 tbsp water, mix nicely and put it on a clean face. Let it get dry in 20 minutes more or less and rinse with cold water.

A lot of remedies are similar to this one, they need just 2-3 things and are done in a few minutes in your own home.

Lemon, cucumber, and rosewater- peel the cucumber and crush it freshly, then add lemon juice a few drops in a spoon, and add rosewater (1 tbsp) to make a mix. Take a clean piece of cloth for applying and let it sit on your face before you rinse off with cold water.

Lemon and egg white – this is perfect for vitamin C in your skin and decreasing the pore size. Take 2 egg whites and a few lemon juice drops, mix them and apply to clean face. Let it dry and rinse with cool water before you apply moisturizer. This way you also remove dead skin from the surface.

Lime and tomato –  mix tomato with 4-5 drops of lime juice. Dip a cotton ball into this mix and apply on skin. After 15 minutes, rinse off. The tomato and lime acids clean the face, give it vitamin C and remove extra oil.

Pineapple and lemon – take half a lemon juice, ½ cup pineapple juice and mix them. With a clean cloth or cotton, soak and place on the skin on the face. After that, rinse with cool water. The pineapple has enzymes that clean thoroughly and tight the skin.


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