Make Big Pores Removed by Just Taking 1 Ingredient

remove-big-pores-1-ingredientPeople that have big pores hate them and want to make them less visible on the face of course. Due to this, they try every method to make them disappear.

A lot of products in pharmacies or markets offer you cosmetics that supposedly help to reduce these pores, but don’t exclude the possibility of making natural cures at your own home.

  • Baking soda and water: take 2 tbsp baking soda and same amount water and place on clean face at least 10-15 minutes. After this tightens wash off with cool water.
  • There are more natural DIYs below that you only need for 2-3 ingredients tops!



Lemon, cucumber, and rosewater- peel a cucumber and crush it in tiny pieces almost like mash. Add a tsp rosewater and few lemon drops. Place this mix on a clean cloth and on your face. In the end, wash with cool water.


Lemon juice and egg white – make a facial mask with 2 egg whites and lemon juice. Apply on the face and let it dry a couple of minutes.  At the end use cold water to wash it away. This will shrink the pores and tighten your skin, but also more importantly clean extra oil of the surface.


Lime juice and tomato- take tomato juice and add 2-4 drops lemon oil. Place on a clean skin by using a cotton ball for 15 minutes and wash away.  The lime acid will give vitamins and clean well and the tomatoes will be an astringent.


Lime and almond- take a few almonds and put them in a glass of water to soak and leave them overnight until the next day. Mash them to make a pаste. To that add 1 tsp lime juice and put that pаste on the face for hаlf аn hour. Wash with cold wаter.


Pineapple and lemon- squeeze half a lemon and add to that half pineapple juice. Soak on the face just 5 minutes. And wash off. The pineapple has enzymes that are compatible with the astringent properties of the lemon acids.