Remove Belly Aches By Removing These 10 Foods And Replace Them With Other Foods

This article is made with the help of Jenny Robertson, a nutritionist.

The inflammatory bowel disease means it includes Chron’s, colitis and IBS too and impacts the whole digestive system. It includes hypersensitivity, inflamed or irritated tract and bad digestion, no absorbing nutrients and deficits in nutrients too. Also, leaky gut and many other issues.

Remove Belly Aches By Removing These 10 Foods And Replace Them With Other Foods

When it comes to digestion health, a good digestive tract is vital here. With no digestive health, we see many problems and side effects. Some complications related to this include:

  • More illnesses, colds and flu that attack immunity
  • Anemia and electrolyte issues
  • Troubles with healthy weight gaining or losing it
  • Arthritis signs, pain and inflammation
  • Candida, yeasts and fungi, fatigue, mood changes and irritability
  • Depression, bad mood

How to resolve IBD

Avoid certain foods that can irritate or inflame the bowels, like:

Gluten: rye, wheat, spelt. They all damage the belly lining and inflame it, also make indigestion

Caffeine: black tea, coffee, sodas.

Dairy: cheese, milk, ice cream or sour cream. The inflame the belly

Alcohol: makes permeability in the intestines

Processed meat: commercialized cold cuts and meats, farmed fish – they damage the belly flora and create bad bacteria

Sweets: corn syrup, molasses, rice syrup, sugar or sweeteners

Refined food: white flour, packed foods, white rice, crackers, cookies and bread. They lack vitamins and nutrients and make belly flora imbalanced, among leveling up the blood sugar

Unstable oil types: trans fats, hydrogenated, regular oils (except for olive oil, hemp and flax) and every polyunsaturated oil. They damage the 3-6 omega balance and inflame the gut

Artificial colors: such flavors and sweeteners also damage the belly

Allergens: inflame the gut and make it leaky

But, some foods can help this issue and improve the health, like:

Chia seed: anti inflammation fats

Flax seed: anti inflammation fats

Chicory root: prebiotic for good belly flora

Virgin coconut oil: antiviral, antifungal and reduces candida

Oregano: antimicrobial

Rosemary: anti-parasitic

Thyme: antimicrobial

Turmeric: anti inflammation, antioxidant and antimicrobial

Cinnamon: improves digestion

Brassica family foods: cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, kale and Brussels sprouts.

Pumpkin seeds: anti inflammation, zinc source that repairs tissues

Onion: antimicrobial and anti-parasitic

Green leafy veggies: give proteins and nutrients to leaky guts

Garlic: anti-parasitic, antimicrobial

Ginger: anti inflammation

Ways to improve the absorption, digestion and eliminating

Improve digestion:

  • Eat slower and chew well to activate good enzymes
  • Enjoy the food and taste
  • Eat only when hungry
  • Eat the most in the middle of day
  • Have 3 meals and 2 snacks
  • Never eat after 9 at night
  • Never eat when upset
  • Don’t read or watch tv while eating
  • Never drink something while you eat, either before or after
  • Take supplements for digestion

Improve absorption:

All of above can help you, but also good diets help as well. Not every food is digested the same way, that is why we have to know more on nutrition.

  • Fruits and sugars are eaten in separate portions or with another fruit/sugar. Avoid regular sugars and fruit is tops 3 times per day
  • Avoid protein/fat with starch
  • Mix protein and fat in one meal
  • Mix protein and veggies in one meal
  • And mix starch and veggies in one meal
  • Eat only 1 type of protein per meal

Proteins: milk, cheese, eggs, seeds, nuts, fish, meats and poultry, peanut butter, butter and almond butter

Starches: lentils, beans, grains, pasta, rice, flour, pastries, cookies, potatoes and root veggies.

Fruits and sugars: honey, maple, fruit and sweeteners

Veggies: everything that is NOT root veggie

Fats: olive oil, butter, salad dressings.

Improve elimination: even 70% of our immunity is in the digestion tract so we must keep it healthy. Having daily bowels doesn’t mean you are healthy, a meal can linger a longer while and give you the toxins a longer while. The colon is healthiest when it is full of water and fibers so we need daily 8 oz water glasses and 30 g fibers daily.

Also, we need these things too:

More flax oil and fish oil

Workouts for increasing peristalsis

Final notes:

When you have such inflammation issues (crohn’s, IBS, colitis) you have to heal the whole digestion tract. It means that tract is irritated, hypersensitive and inflamed and the digestion is bad. Also you have deficits and eliminate nutrients that also leads to leaky gut.

Try anything that will soothe the delicate digestion organs.