Clean Your Colon Naturally in Just 2 Weeks with These 2 Ingredients

remedy-colon-cleanseHave you been curious about the reason for your diabetes, arthritis, inflammation or kidney issues? It could be an overweight situation or simply liver disease and the diagnoses say there is no special cure for it except take the medications so come hell or high water.

Luckily, that is untrue. You can make a DIY remedy with just 2 ingredients that would change everything.  This is the focus of the gut or the intestines and the tract. You can remove many problems by simply removing fecal deposits, mucus or intestine parasites.

Are your intestines happy?

During your life, the intestines can process more than 100 tons food and 40.000 liters fluid, and some can even be accumulated in the gut due to bad digestion and bowel processes. This was a trigger for some studies that showed how you can have more than 30 lbs fecal matter in the intestines!

This is a waste and toxic material and causes inflammations and health problems. If this stays in the gut instead of being removed it will poison your blood and cause great damage to the health. This remedy below is really simple and will remove the waste.

The next things listed are a side effect of excess feces inside; inflammations of the upper respiratory system and GI tract, colitis, gastritis, stomach ulcer, duodenum ulcer, cystitis, urinary problems, pyelonephritis, extra weight and bloated gut, anorexia, metabolic syndrome, cholesterol, nail, and hair brittleness, kidney diseases, hearing problems, vision problems, arthritis, and cancer.

Clean them naturally

A lot of people know about cleaning these toxins and its importance and they know this is done through the colon, or also with enema or clyster. The bad part is that these processes clean only the beginning or a small part of the colon – 40-50 cm of the intestine that in total are 7 meters. These enema kits are not cheap, they can hurt the tissue and change drastically the natural bacteria and flora. A right cleanse by professionals is expensive, but do it yourself, save money and be as clean as you can!

This is why this process is so good, cheap simple and effective too. Of course, it might not be as good for everyone, but the waste removal will to a certain extent make you feel better than before and get even better with time. The cleanse lasts 21 days and at the end, your intestines will be lighter and healthier.

How to prepare this cleanse remedy?

This cleanse lasts 21 days as we mentioned and you need just 2 things. Just flaxseed flour and kefir. Read below about the mix for every separate week.

  • Week 1: 1 tbsp flour with 100 ml kefir
  • Week 2: 2 tbsp flour and 100 ml kefir
  • Week 3: 3 tbsp flour and 150 ml kefir


This is a simple recipe to make and really healthy and gentle; it removes extra feces and mucus inside and parasites buildup. With this recipe, you can improve the microflora too.

If by any chance you didn’t get flaxseed flour, just buy fresh flaxseed and blend the nicely.  Do this every day because they can get rancid a lot.

Usage and how to do it

Do this cleanse in the morning every day for 3 weeks? Before you drink it to have a full 8 oz glass of fresh water. The water on an empty stomach helps in digestive activities and shakes up the intestines to be clean and ready. Lemon water is even better, for weight loss too.

After you drink the water wait half an hour and then eat breakfast, and then the colon mixture. After you drink this mix don’t eat right away! Let it go through the intestines slowly and get to the gut and tract.

Do this daily for 21 days and remember the water!

This cannot go on forever, but for 3 weeks is just fine. Do this several times per year in between time periods like 4 months on average.


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