Here Is How To Relieve Toothaches, Headaches And PMS Symptoms Using Just An Ice Cube

Maybe you have heard that the acupuncture is an amazing way to relieve your body from stress and to optimize the health. Maybe this is true, but the picture of having those needles plunged into the body by some professional, who is not a doctor, can be really terrifying. Especially when you know that the needles will be plunged into sensitive nerve clusters in the body, names pressure points. But, if you are looking to boost your health or to de-stress the body, the pressure point therapy may be the right thing for you. Here you will read how the pressure points of the body can help you to get rid of the stress.

feng fu points

Without the right help, it can be pointless

We know that the pressure points in our bodies can play an essential role in our well-being and health. But we don’t have the time to learn where the 32 pressure points on our bodies are and how much pressure is needed. If you can’t find a professional in this pressure point therapy, you can find the right pressure points to activate them at the exact time is just like finding a needle in a big haystack. If you don’t have time to learn all that, this article is the perfect for you. Here we will show you one amazing pressure point that can sooth multiple pains and aches and how to activate that point.

Find the inner Feng Fu

Well the body comes with a kind of a reset button, just like the modern technology. This button is a pressure point named Feng Fu. You can find this point at the base of your skull, below the skull cap and above the neck.

Ice cube massage

To activate this point, you should find a comfortable and flat surface to lie on, like bed. Then lie on the stomach and place one ice cube on this point. Leave the ice cube there for minimum 20 minutes, but no more than 25 min. If it is necessary, replace the ice cubes.

You should practice this ice cube massage on an empty stomach in the morning and at night 1 hour or more after your dinner.

9 benefits of the ice cube massage

  1. Improves the mood
  2. Improves the sleep quality
  3. Regulates the gut
  4. Relieves headaches and toothaches
  5. Relieves cold
  6. Improves your mental health
  7. It might help thyroid problems
  8. It might relieve heart and lung diseases
  9. Relieves PMS

Well, now you can try this ice cube therapy at your home. Share your experience.

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