Recognize Problems with Your Hormones, Kidneys or Lover by Just Analyzing Your Face!

recognize-problems-hormones-kidneys-lover-analyzing-faceThe skin on the face, not just the whole body overall, is a mirror on some inner health issues. Nice and healthy skin doesn’t have to mean inner health too. It can but, read on to know more.

Always, the nice looking skin has been a sign of good and average health, opposite to it skin with problems can be a sign of some health issues from the inside. There is a thing called Face Mapping where the very first surface of the skin is analyzed and every health issue that can be determined is done so by the face skin analysis.

Zone 1: forehead

Connected to: gallbladder and liver

Meaning: the forehead has always been linked to digestive functions, the nervous system; if you have breakouts on the forehead it can mean a bad digestive system function or stress.

Cure: say no, or at least reduce to a minimum all sugary food items, processed and full-fat foods. Gorge on a lot of veggies and fibers to increase digestive improvement. To feel relaxed and stress-free, get into yoga classes or meditation with visualization. Dandelion tea consuming or warm water with lemon juice also cleanse really well.

Zone 2: right face side, between eyebrows

Connected to: “emotions in the liver”

Meaning: The stress levels we have stored in us can be seen by the facial line that is the best sign for this phenomenon. Fine lines or wrinkles in this area mean suppressed anger and stress that directly tortures the liver.

Cure: to erase anger and stress from the system, sing up for journalism, reiki, yoga or counseling. In addition, you must reduce the intake amount of alcohol or fatty processed foods that just put a load pressure on the liver.

Zone 3: left face side, between the eyebrows

Connected to: “emotions in the spleen”

Meaning: these fine lines are suppressed emotions in store in the spleen.

Cure: any kind of therapy or relaxing sport as mentioned above in the previous example; journalism, regular breathing, reiki, yoga or counseling.

Zone 4: eyes

Connected to: thyroid, intestines and joints

Meaning: a ring of light color that surrounds the eye iris means way too much sugar and salt in the system, constantly. If the iris goes through complications like discoloring, it can mean malabsorption in the intestines while white discoloration on the iris can mean problems with the joints.

Cure: eat and drink more foods that have anti-inflammation properties like for example organic broth from bones, turmeric, ginger, walnuts, flaxseed, and fish. Also, cut back on caffeine, salt, processed foods, and sugar – all of these cause any ongoing process to be worsened or more inflamed.

Zone 5: under the eyes

Connected to: kidneys

Meaning: if your eyelids are swollen or puffy it can mean for certain some damaging kidney function. Those puffy under-eye bags have literally impaired the functioning of the kidneys.

Cure: enough of water amount consumption is needed to be hydrated well, and that way the kidneys will work at their optimum levels. Not just with water, but also with enough sleeping, less stressing and minimal if not zero consumption of coffee and alcohol.

Zone 6: cheeks

Connected to: malabsorption, lungs, and bad metabolism

Meaning: the work of the lungs is best seen in the “freshness” of the cheeks. If you have discoloration in the cheek area that could mean slow metabolism or sluggish metabolism and impaired absorption of nutrient ingredients.

Cure: good exercises for proper breathing can ease this; the capacity of the lungs will be improved. Start with cardio workouts and increase them over time, this can also improve your metabolism and fat burning process. When eating – chew slow and well in small bites, drink green tea for better digestion and incorporate antioxidants into your diet regime to keep the cheek skin healthy.

Zone 7: nose

Connected to: cardiovascular system

Meaning: the nose can give off the state of health of our heart. The skin on this area will show any heart problems.

Cure: eat more healthy foods that are heart-friendly; nuts, cold-pressed olive oil, tahini, fish, and avocado. Reduce caffeine and alcohol or do not consume them at all.

Zone 8: lower lip

Connected to: digestive system

Meaning: the work of the intestines is seen in the skin area of the lower lip. If you notice brownish spots, that is indigestion, not enough digestion enzymes or overgrowth of parasites in the intestines i.e. worms presence. The anemia, especially in the early stages can be diagnosed by pale lips, almost white.

Cure: An LOT of iron-rich food items in your diet; red meats, beat, leafy veggies, legumes…

Zone 9: tongue

Connected to: toxins overload and lungs

Meaning: if the surface of the tongue is abraded that means worsened lungs work. On the other hand – white buildup circles in the middle area and toward the back of the tongue is for certain toxins overload in the intestines.

Cure: to improve the lungs work, do breathing exercises, deep and focused breathing, meditation, moderate cardio etc. to remove toxins that are building up, do a detox for at least 3 days. In those days consume a lot of greens and veggies and similar healthy foods.

Zone 10: chin

Connected to stress and hormones

Meaning: every imbalance in hormones or too much stress is shown on the chin! Blemishes and breakouts during certain days of the month give off such conditions.

Cure: do not use artificial cleansing products and cosmetics; they have too many fragrances, toxins, and chemicals that will irritate more and get in the way of the endocrine functions. For hormonal support, pay attention to the trial maca powder. Now, about the stress, you can start reducing it by trying to sleep more every night, at least we can all do that without a problem.


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