Make This Recipe And Notice Better Metabolism, No Toxins And Less Weight In 72 Hours!

recipe-metabolism-toxins-weightDuring the holidays we all eat a lot of fatty foods that have a lot of carbs and fats in them, so you have to at least try them and our metabolism slows down. However, after the holidays, we are left with a bunch of toxic material in our organisms that not only harm the health but the physical look too.

The good news is that natural medicine has solutions about these problems too; especially about body cleansing and detox. The recipe of this article below is excellent for two reasons: removing toxins from the organism and at the same time turning on the fat burning mode that results in weight loss.

  • Tomato juice, 1 cup
  • Half a lemon – juice
  • Grated ginger, 2 tbsp.
  • Chili or pepper powder
  • 2 celery stalks
  1. Take every ingredient and pour it mixed together in a blender EXCEPT the celery. You should need tall glasses for this beverage and the celery is used at the end as a garnish. The fun part is that you should drink this while you snack the celery.
  2. The best option would be 3 glasses to detoxify with this drink, in between regular daily meals, every day. Prepare large amounts and store it in the fridge.