Read This And Don’t Throw Away The Seeds Of Avocado

We all like avocados but we neglect the seeds and we throw them away. That is a mistake since they have 65% fruit amino acids and also a lot of fiber. Only the avocado has this much fiber and is the healthiest fruit even.

Read This And Don’t Throw Away The Seeds Of Avocado

The essential avocado benefits:

This makes the body strong and gives a lot of energy.

People use it for arthritis problems and gastro issues too, also for curing stomach ache, diarrhea, and for inflammation.

Avocado seed has flavonol that even fights cancer. Also, this seed makes skin rejuvenated and youthful and tightens it.

To add seeds of avocado in the smoothies, shakes, salads and protein shakes means you remove excess fat tissue and keep you satiated.


Many people have avocado allergies, sadly. But, they divide in 2 types:

  1. If you have pollen allergy, after avocado you might feel tingly throat and mouth.
  2. This goes by the name latex-fruit syndrome; it has that name due to link with latex allergy signs. You might have stomach pain, urticaria, puking and life threatening symptoms.