Read This and Change the Opinion You Have of Beets

beetsThe beet is a great veggie. Cooked or raw it doesn’t matter, it has great nutrition.

Even Hippocrates used it for healing purposes. And not just him, many used it for this for centuries back.

Usually it is and was known to treat anemia and blood issues like iron deficit. This veggie is rich with iron and is tied with garlic.

As far as iodine goes, the veggie is tied second to the kale. Beets give you many great ingredients for the whole immunity and also health. It nourishes you with antioxidants too.

Add beets

  • They have many betalains and polyphenols. They stop the free radicals damage and the oxidation stress.
  • This veggie has a lot vitamin B too and PP that makes capillaries stronger.
  • Minerals are a part of the beet too. The folate and potassium keep the heart healthy. The magnesium makes bones stronger, phosphorus and iron give energy, the copper attacks the free radicals and the iodine improves the biosynthesis in the hormones of the thyroid.
  • The cobalt improves every process with the B12 vitamins. This B12 is keeping the intestine microflora healthy and the making of erythrocytes cannot be done with deficit in B12 and folic acid too.
  • Be rejuvenated with beets. Since they have folic acid they create new healthy cells.
  • The beta lain pigment remove the body toxins.
  • Betacyanins stop cancer cells growing
  • The fibers make digestion better
  • Metabolism is boosted
  • The body absorbs vitamin D better
  • The beets also have nitrates that after ingestion turn to nitrites. This is good for dementia prevention. Experts said the nitrites make something in the blood vessels that promotes good flow. This is healthy for oxygen penetration in every cell.
  • They have much more pectin than the carrots. This pectin helps in removal of radioactive and heavy metals inside and it stops spreading of bad intestine bacteria.

You see, the beet is an amazing veggie. It heals and improves well being. It lowers cholesterol as well, pressure, makes capillaries strong, stops and prevents sclerosis, improves brain work and in rats it was shown to improve their metabolism.