Raw food diet

The raw food proponents prefer consuming raw and unprocessed food from vegetative origin. The theory is based upon the idea that food should not be exposed to a temperature over 50 degrees, so that it won’t loses the important enzymes, which help in the better absorption of the nutritious ingredients. This diet helps in the sour-base balance of the body. The processed food and the food of animal origin increase the sourness of the body and increase the risk of illnesses.

There is only one scientific research about the raw food influence on the body. The German doctors followed the health conditions of the Germans that ate raw food for three years. Some of the people were vegetarians, and some of them eat raw meat as well. After a while, one third of them have started to have chronic lack of energy. Half of the women have lost their menstrual cycle, while some of them have had it on irregular basis. The scientists’ conclusion was that this happened due to the low-calorie food.

Who could have benefit of this diet?

Apart from increasing the immune system, the raw food has shown to be good for the diabetes and the cardiovascular diseases, since it doesn’t contain refined sugars and animal fats. Other than that, the raw food can prevent and recover from some diseases, such as cancer. The essential elements are the enzymes – active substances in plants that take part in the food digestion. Our body also produces enzymes which have vital part in many important processes in the body.


Morning breakfast: Start every day with warm lemonade, fruit shake or a pudding

Lunch: Marinated vegetables and green salad, or soup and paste on crackers

An afternoon snack: Fresh vegetable juice

Dinner: Big bowl of green salad with olives, cucumbers and tomato.

Evening breakfast: Fruit shake, fresh fruits or cream cracker


Cauliflower salad: Mix half cauliflower, half pepper, half cup of broccoli, three spoons of lemon juice, one spoon of honey, half a spoon of orange juice, ass salt and pepper. Leave it for three hours and serve it with spinach leaves.

Red cabbage salad: Mix four cups of nicely shredded red cabbage, two roasted apples, spring onion, one shredded carrot, half a cup of dried grapes, four spoons of apple juice, three spoons of olive oil, a spoon of apple vinegar. Add salt and pepper and leave it for two hours on room temperature.

Kernel bars: Mix four cups of ground walnuts, a cup of ground Indian walnuts, a cup of sunflower seeds and a cup of coconut. Add half a cup of peanut butter, half a cup maple syrup, a quarter of a cup of flaxseed oil and sea salt on the tip of a spoon. Knead the mixture with your hands, put it in the refrigerator, and cut it in bars when it hardens.