It is proved: you won’t seduce anybody with the selfies

If you are searching for love via Internet, you have to be clear that the duck face and the bathroom selfie won’t be much of a help.

More and more people are following this trend of the selfie photographs, people desperately trying to do the best possible body posture in order to look more attractive. But even your grandparents know that unless the selfie is one of humorous nature, it is a reflection of immatureness and lack of confidence. This is clearly inferred by the research about what attracts people the most in the social networks, and what they find repulsive.

The research shows that the selfie is not a good commercial of the person taking the photos, in which prevail lips pouting, muscles or the bulging neckline.  This way of “promoting oneself” people find repulsing and fake. On the other hand, what appeals them the most, are the photos with pets, in nature or the ones showing the person does sports.

When it comes to men, the most attractive online characteristics for women are the spontaneity, ambitiousness, the sense of humor and adventure. Men want women to be spontaneous as well, but they appreciate honesty and the sportsmanship.

There are lesser relationships starting from cafés and clubs nowadays, so think carefully about what you upload on your profile, if it is important to you to preserve the good image for yourself.