You Probably Have This Amazing Herb In Your Garden And Didn’t Know It Cures Bald Spots!

Summer rose or Ros Maris is the term given by Greeks and Romans; this is a medicine herb used even in history for curing and it is associated and dedicated to Aphrodite the goddess. These days we call it rosemary.

You Probably Have This Amazing Herb In Your Garden And Didn’t Know It Cures Bald Spots!

Some studies now showed this is an antioxidant that stops fast aging.

The rosemary has many flavonoids for better circulation, strong blood vessels and good blood flow for every tissue and organ, also in traditional use it was known for memory and focus improvement, also for headaches and hair growth!

Another thing is that rosemary soothes digestion and such organs and it removes any obstacles for digestion and intestine issues, so it removes constipation or cramps.

The extract of rosemary, as to studies, makes more bile production that is crucial for fat dissolving and digesting.

In a 1995 study it was published that this herb is a diuretic and cleans our liver of toxic buildup.

This herb is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial too; it cures bronchitis, ear infections and nose/throat issues.

To add, it also has an impact to fatigue. If you use it externally, it should be diluted (oil form) with some neutral oil (sunflower) to remove muscle aches, rheumatic pain and sciatica.

You can add rosemary tea to your bathwater and relieve rheumatic pains.

The rosemary extract triggers hair growth on the scalp when applied; it will also stop balding excessively. Also, it removes and cleanses dandruff.

Never place this oil inside the mouth and keep far from children. Nursing moms and pregnant women can use this oil but only minimally; like in cooking.

This herb is branched, aromatic and grows even 1-3 meters high.

It has a bloom 2 times yearly, April and September.

It grows and thrives best in warm regions, away from winds and semi-sandy soil. The flowers are picked when fully bloomed, leaves and branches too, but during the whole year.

In the winter, the cold is not good for rosemary.

This tea can remove headaches and can be great for massaging for rheumatism.

The young flowers/leaves of this herb are perfect for tea to remove headaches, cramps, tension or colds.

If you have depression, inhale rosemary tea vapor. It will relax the muscles, the aroma will soothe you a lot and digestion will improve right away, also menstrual pains will be gone.

With only 1 tsp of these fresh leaves or dried ones, you can fill a whole cup boiling water to sit like that for 15 minutes. Strain it and sip this 2 times daily. Never in the evening though, it might cause insomnia.

Rosemary tincture: 20 g rosemary in 100 ml alcohol to stay 10 days. Strain.

Consuming: in a glass of water pour 15-20 drops of this daily. For massaging, improves rheumatism issues and circulation.

Rosemary circulation wine:

Take 2 tbsp rosemary leaves and flowers and soak them in liter white wine (homemade). After 6 days, strain it.

Get a brandy cup (0.3 dl) and pour that serving in, drink every morning before meal. This wine calms you down, protects the heart, improves urination and better blood flow. Also, relieves rheumatism, joint pain and inflammation and gout too.