Stop and Prevent Wax Bumps

prevent-wax-bumpsThe burning sensation of the skin or wax bumps is really common in women and men too, after waxing the skin. Usually, the bumps are small and insignificant and pass in short time, but sometimes they cause a lot of pain and esthetically are unpleasant. This happens because of the high wax temperature and chemical components in the wax that are added; the skin is irritated afterwards and manifests a rash. Don’t ignore these symptoms, if you do the bumps might become more complicated.

Most of the people are lucky to have the bumps disappear after waxing, but some people suffer more. In a beauty magazine recently has been published how the typical and normal redness and irritation is common about 2 days tops. But, if it lasts after 2 days have passed, the skin might need medical solutions.

Remove face wax bumps after waxing

  1. Wash the skin very gently. Use mild cosmetics, not harsh soaps or scrubs!
  2. If you can, cover the skin with a cotton cloth. This way the dirt and particles won’t enter your freshly open pores.
  3. Be comfortable after the waxing, i.e. avoid heat like being near an oven or in the sun…
  4. Always have nearby some non-medicinal cures or non-prescription drugs. Examples are ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and naproxen.
  5. Take one cotton ball and smoothly run it over your face in gentle moves – the cotton ball should be dipped in a liquid hazel solution. This cools off the skin and soothes it.
  6. In the end, apply a high quality, gentle moisturizer or lotion. This procedure will heal and repair your skin.

How is a wax bump removed actually?

In order to avoid these unpleasant symptoms, try everything in your power to stop them. If they start to appear or blow out, you cannot stop them onwards, you will just have to deal with them the hard way. Here are some prevention ways:

  1. Our skin is more sensitive to any treatments or pains during menstruation. That is the period when bumps or breakouts occur the most. Avoid the days right before, during, or right after menstruation, for any beauty treatments.
  2. Certain medicines and drugs also cause the skin to be more prone to breakouts and bumps. Let’s say, if you takRetin-A A or Accutane, you MUST not wax during that time. Such drugs may even trigger the skin to be more sensitive to breaking out. Do waxing only a few months after this treatment, at least 5-6 months.
  3. Do not wax in the same days as when you exfoliate and use scrubs. That is too much pressure and torture on the skin. It will remove all follicles that protect it and it will be more damaged and itchy.
  4. Be calm when you wax. If you panic or move a lot or stress about it, the follicles on the skin and the tiny hairs react just like you!
  5. If bleeding happens which sometimes is normal during plucking for example, use ice to stop this. Take ice cubes and rub them on that area.
  6. Keep in mind that the cosmetician and beautician professionals must use waxing lotion to avoid wax issues like improper removal, stickiness and not well enough plucked hairs. This lotion also reduces the chances of irritation. If the lotion contains mineral oil in it, even better. That oil will clean and unclog the pores and nurture the skin.


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