Press Some Points For 60 Seconds And See Amazing Result

Acupressure and reflexology is amazing for self help and others’ too; it offers relief for pains and tension in the body.

Press Some Points For 60 Seconds And See Amazing Result

Acupressure and reflexology

For acupuncture needles have to be used but for acupressure only fingers are used. These methods work on the base of no intimidation or needles.

The reflexology, or zone therapy, is basically every body part through the hands and feet or some points on hand and feet link to rest of the body. When we feel pain in some spots, there is a blockage there.

Here you can read more about these 2 methods.

Headache and migraine

To remove such pains, focus on fingernails only. Focus on the index finger and the tissue between thumb and index.


Sinuses pressure and pains

Turn the palm to yourself and the thumb to the finger pad where the opposite side is next to the cuticle. For 3 minutes tops squeeze the tip of the fingers firmly. Then massage that spot and do it with all the fingers.


Neck pain and tension

Massage gently the index finger from the first top knuckle and then to the finger base. Do it on both hands with every finger.


Upset belly

Massage thumb until it gets warm. The meridians in the belly and spleen are linked to this and rect to it. Also, apply pressure in the palm center.


Sore throat

Warm up the thumb with massage. Apply pressure and do it on the meaty soft finger tissue. Then apply pressure on the thumb, the tissue close to the nail.



With just a bit of pressure, massage the whole palm and then put pressure on the middle finger, right under the nail.


Menstruation aches and belly pain

Massage the hand/palm and press the index finger where the nail is the closest to the thumb; then apply pressure on the small finger where the nail goes toward outer side.

Before you do this, warm up the hands and massage them for a minute to increase energy and sensitivity. Press with opposite thumb for 1-5 minutes and do it 5 times tops daily.

For gentle areas do it for 5 seconds. When you apply the pressure, massage clockwise 5 times then rest. Move around the tissue not just skin surface. Again press firm and take a break do it for 5 times tops.

Drink a lot of water to have a healthy body blood flow and flush out toxins to have the best of this massage.


Warning and note* : for pregnant women, acupressure is delicate. They should also avoid deep web pressure on the hands since this can trigger the uterus. During pregnant weeks such massaging is just monitored by professionals.