Press This Point For 2 Whole Minutes And See Some Amazing Changes In The Body!

In Chinese medicine there is a belief that many feet spots connect to other organs and parts. Also, they believed massaging these spots removes medical problems and improves our health.

Press This Point For 2 Whole Minutes And See Some Amazing Changes In The Body!

So, to say more on these points, Tai Chong (LV3) is a spot between big toe and second toe finger, width of two fingers above from the big toe and joint.

To massage this spot means less headache after that, less stress and anger, no back or limbs pain, menstruation aches or insomnia and disorders of the mood. It is healthy for the liver and rejuvenates it.

Chinese also believed stimulated point like this one improves digestion and genital aches, canker sores or eye problems, irritability also.

The experts made a trial study for the acupuncture effects from pressing this point and it showed good results with post-stroke depression signs. Another research  on animals showed this point when pressed will reduce the hypertension and plasma endothelin-1 levels linked to hypertension.

If you have such symptoms or problems, just massage and press this spot. It will resolve many problems. With the finger, slide slowly on the foot between toenail and tip of joint. Tai Chong or LV3 is in the gap where our fingers comes in touch with the bone or joint.

After you find the spot, press for a few seconds and pause 5. Repeat again after that, repeat for 2 minutes and do counterclockwise movements for this point.

Also, if you feel tired and weak and nervous, don’t try the treatment and wait for another time.