Press Palm Points To Remove Any Pain

The alternative medicine methods are better than Western medicines when pain is treated at least. Experts even say is good to combine the Western and the alternative as a double benefit.

You have probably heard of reflexology. It is alternative medicine methods against pain with pressing certain points on the body more precisely the arm/palm. These points link to the pain areas.

If you press a thumb point for 5 seconds and release for 3, and repeating this on off process you will see some good results. For even better results, do this daily and several times.

There is a video below explaining all of this. Dr. Oz has a reflexology expert guest that speaks about the hand and feet press points as if it is a microcosm in the body.

Press Palm Points To Remove Any Pain

5 audience members were also included for demonstration on their bodies. The guest of the show made them link the palms to certain body parts of pain. She made pressure methods visible with the guests and massaged their palms to make pain relieved and gone. You cn do it by yourself with both palms.

All the participants had the following problems:

  • Insomnia and fatigue
  • Constipation and bloating
  • Congestion of sinuses
  • Upper back pain and aches
  • Low sex drive

She further said that reflexology methods are really amazing and effective. She showed in practical ways to the audience people that with their palm spots they can relieve any pain and with practice they can get better.

In the video you will see the tactic demonstration for the pressure points. Try it and see what it does.