A Few Plant Leaves In The House Corners Will Chase Away All Cockroaches

These insects are not pretty and scare everyone of us. They are linked to dirt and garbage and filth, but also they are seen at home, in bathrooms and bedrooms.

They thrive anywhere in the world and can adapt also anywhere. They resist everything as they develop with time. They can even survive radiation or starvation even more than 30 days. They are omnivores meaning they eat animals and plants too. That is why they thrive perfectly.

To add, they also eat garbage, but they leave chemical trace behind their movements. That way they find food and water to where they came from. In this way they communicate with their own species and all stay together in one place. Now you can find out how to get rid of them fast.

To remove these nasty insects in the house, try this method. Especially if you have kids or pets, you need it even more.

A Few Plant Leaves In The House Corners Will Chase Away All Cockroaches

A powerful method for repelling cockroaches – bay leaf

The bay leaf is powerful against cockroaches. It won’t kill them at the spot but it will chase them away since the smell is awful to these insects. Put the leaves in house corners.

Get 10 bay leaves and put them in the kitchen or garden corners. These areas are close to food and the leaves are not toxic so the distance is safe. Also you can put these leaves in the garden to protect your pet. This way you won’t worry for the pet or the dog.

Bay leaves can be dry or fresh. The best usage is to crush them and make a powder. This way it will emerge more smell than usual.

Source: myhealthylifeguide.net